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    Every flash file that I have downloaded v6.33* the mcu file must have errors* as the DCT3 flasher says that the start and end address are invalid.
    Anyone know of a reliable good v6.33 or newer full flash file for the uk nokia 3310?

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    contact me! i have fullflash and the new loader!

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    try serch the net.... try here

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    Found out that Nokia DCT3 Flasher v4.77 or v4.78 had the problems* but when I used v4.79 it works perfect. Maybe the flash files were created with v4.79?

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    wat kind of flasher program are you using..i suggest u use knok or geoflasher...i know v6.33 cannot be flash or read by rolis
    cuz loaders of the new 6.33 are not included in rolis flasher
    try to flash it on knok or geo...but first modify the devlist
    cuz 6.33 not supported on old flasher programs

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    i want flash files of nokia 3310 vertion 6.33

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    i want flash files of nokia 3310 vertion 6.33

    here is u r files download and enjoy
    rar password:

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