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    .::ZUBAIR::. is online now
    Release Date: 22/05/2011

    The Official release is ready in our download area

    WARNING !!!
    If the HWK is a "TRIAL" or affected by 3rd party tools**** this software may not work properly**** so use at your own risk.

    Please make sure you un-install all old versions**** first HWK Suite**** then HWK Support Suite**** you can then install the new software**** first HWK Support Suite and then HWK Suite.

    You MUST update your HWK using client**** old client versions will no longer work.

    You MUST be running HWK software to access support.

    DCTxBB5 V
    1. BB5 products: RM-576****RM-577 (6700s****6700s-1c) added.
    2. Local RPL Service Fixed for ASIC 2****5****6****7****11 (UEM_PASW is Correct now)
    Note: Need Confirm [Readout and Use UEM IMEI] when do [Rd UEM].
    3. [Check Ask/Rpl] Renamed to [Calc Ask/Rpl] as can Calculate RPL now.
    4. [Calc Ask/Rpl] Function will Generate Real RPL from ASK file (ASIC 2****5****6****7****11)
    Note: When Reading UEM**** do not Forget Set Right [UEM Changed] Status !
    5. RSA Lock/Unlock for All DCT4+ products (not need Patch)
    6. Life Timer added to [PM Edit]
    7. DCT4 INFINEON Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added:
    RM-669****RM-689****RM-704****RM-732****RM-733 (1202****1616-2****1616-2b****C1-01****C1-01.1****
    8. BB5 RAP3Gv40 Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added:
    9. BB5 RAPU Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added:
    (Vertu CQ****N8-00****C6-01****E6-00****E6-00.1****X5-01****5230-1d****E5-00****E5-00.2****X3-02****C3-01****
    10.BB5 RAPIDO Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added:
    11.BB5 JUNO (BCM21351) Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added:
    12.Original SX4 Card Support Added (Use Any PCSC Compatible Card Reader)

    LG_GSM v
    1. Infineon:
    A110****A130****A133****A133GO****A170****A180****C100****C105****C300****C 30 0GO****C305****
    C310****GB220****GB220nGO****GB230****GB280****GD350****GD510****GD510N ****GM360****
    GM360i****GM600****GS170****GS290****GS290GO****GS290N****GS390GO****GS 500****GS500g****
    GS500gx****GS500v****GT350****GT350GO****GT350i****GT360****GT365****GU 220****GU230****
    KC550****KC550d****KF510****KF510d****KF600****KF600d****KM380****KM380 c****KM380d****
    KM385d****KM386c****KP500****KP500N****KP501****KP502****KP502GO****KP5 05****KP550****
    KP570q****KS360****KS365****T300****T310****T310i****T310N****T315****T315 i****T320****
    T320e****T320g****T325 added.
    1. To See Unlock Codes and Instructions**** Press [BOOT]
    2. To Flash Dead Phones**** Tick [Emerg. Boot]
    3. FLS and BIN files supported for Flashing.
    2. USB Support for Infineon SGOLD3**** SGOLDRADIO**** XGOLD213.
    Note: To use USB Select USB in [Baud] ComboBox.
    3. ADI: G210****G220****G232****G233****G259****G262****G263****G610****G622****G63 2**** G635****
    G639****G660****G672****G677****C682****G688****G810****G822****G828****G91 2**** GM200****GM205****
    GM205GO****GM210****KF245****KG296****LG8930****MG235****MG295****MG296 added.
    4. TI: C1300i****C2000****G850****L1400i****MG191a****MG191b****MG200c****MG20 0d added.
    5. MTK: A120****A155****A160****A165****GB160a****GB160b****GB161****GB190a****GB2 70****
    GS190****GS200****GS205 added.
    6. BT Address Write Added for ADI**** Infineon and MTK platforms.

    SAMs V
    A127****i626****T719****X475 added (DUNL****IM****FL)
    T209****T319 added (DUNL****IM****FL****SECT)
    T409****T619****T739 added (DUNL****IM****SECT****FL)
    Added Multi Drive support for TFS Read.
    Fixed SLAVE Boot Bug on some models (D980****D980F****D988)
    TFS Extractor and TFS Builder added**** Allows to Edit TFS files.
    Added [Patch MSL] Function to Patch without MCU Part Flashing.
    C3300i****T109****T119 added (DUNL****IM****FL)
    E1225T****E1225T-IND****E2121L added (PUNL****PIM****FL)
    1.Mixing of EU IND MEA SEA Files causes Blinking or Dead Sets.
    2.E1081T EU E2P Image is not Compatible with IND**** MEA or SEA.
    3.For Cross Flashing Select Model Name Extension by File type.
    4.Before Unlock**** Info to see Codes or Rebuild IMEI use
    [Patch MSL] Button or Flash with [Patch MSL] Option Enabled.
    C3222****C3222W added (DUNL****CUNL)
    Note: C3222 Flashing not Supported yet**** use Original Flasher.
    TFS Extractor and TFS Builder added**** Allows to Edit TFS files.
    C5010E****E3210 added (CUNL****SECT****FL)
    A597****A847****A927****B2710D****C5180****S5520****S5580****S6700T****S68 88****T359****T479****
    T746****T749 added.
    More Versions Support of Hidden Sysinfo models CUNL and UNFR:
    A597****A706****A707****A717****A727****A847****A887****A897****A927****B27 10 ****B2710D****S3370****
    S8500B****S8530 added (FL)
    S5230N added (FL****CUNL****UNFR****BRP)
    S3850****S5260****S5263****S5330L****S5560i****S5750E****S5753E****S723 0B****S7230E****
    S7230W****S7233E added (FL)
    S5250****S5253****S5330****S5330L****S5333 Boot Repair (BRP)
    [QCDI Info] Renamed to [BCMBL Info] for BroadCom Models.
    B3310i****C3200****C3200G****C3200L****C3530****C3530L****E2230****E223 0M****E2232****
    E2330****E2330B****E2330C****E2530****E2652****E2652W****S3310i****S335 0****S3353****
    S3550****S3550C****S3550L added (CUNL****PUNL****PIM****FL****UFL)
    Note: for USB Flashing select 'USB0' in [BaudRate] box.
    E1151**** Now Possible to Flash Read BIN Dump (Size: 007F0000)

    Many thanks to all those who have supported us!!!


    Official SarasSoft Rapidshare Mirrors:-

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    Dear the link is dead please update the link

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    .::ZUBAIR::. is online now
    link has been updated now

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    sholeh amd

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    [email protected]
    I have a hwkufs micro and want to use it with windows 7.

    Anyone know where to get a driver to install?

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    .::ZUBAIR::. is online now
    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    I have a hwkufs micro and want to use it with windows 7.

    Anyone know where to get a driver to install?
    no need drivers for windows 7
    windows 7 detect drivers automatically

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