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    Nokia N900 flasher and flash file with procedure

    here is the procedure:
    1.First download the latest Maemo Flasher here.
    2.Download the latest flash file Here!

    Updating/Flashing the N900 OS

    1. Your battery needs to be 100% full to prevent any crashes which could leave your phone dead.
    2. Turn your N900 off.
    3. Press and hold the U key on the keypad.
    4. Insert the USB cable (a USB symbol should appear on the top right of your N900 screen**** and also the Nokia logo in the centre).
    5. You can now let go of the U key.
    6. On your PC: Navigate to the Start Menu and select Run.
    7. In the Run box**** type: cmd. Then OK
    8. In the command window**** type: cd\program files\maemo\flasher-3.5
    9. Type: flasher-3.5 -F RX-51_2009SE_1.2009.42-11.203.2_PR_F5_203_ARM.bin -f -R
      (the file name above may be different to yours**** you will need to replace the filename with the filename of the software you downloaded).
      This image below shows the completed update of the OS**** in the command prompt on your PC. This would have now removed any Apps you may have installed on the device**** and reset the homescreens to how they were when you turned it on for the first time.
    my screenshots while flashing.. Tip: Know your flashfile version (to be flashed) first before entering the command.
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    THank you for sharing**** can i get the flash file for Nokia N8 phone

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    Thank you Tested and Working in Win XP SP3****

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    thank you very much

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    I like this form

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    the flash file that i download need to copy to which folder ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by hamsang View Post
    the flash file that i download need to copy to which folder ?

    read carefully ...if you not profecional ... better way to go to mobile repair shop for update it

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