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    ive searched everywhere but cant find an answer to this

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    .::ZUBAIR::. is online now
    brother use mxkey for unlock the code

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    you can also unlock with furious gold device

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    Quote Originally Posted by .::ZUBAIR::. View Post
    brother use mxkey for unlock the code
    hi thanks for the reply but do you mean just unlocked meaning sim card**** is it possible to get the phone unblocked**** the sim is allready unlocked but the phone is blocked**** or authorization failed when trying to make calls or send texts**** thanks for any help

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    here your new radio lab tool just download and check ....

    you may change your imei with it ****

    it seems to be a that your imie is blocked **** so may changing the imie unblock the set
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    do you know if its actualy possible though**** with a blackberry 9300 i know it is with older versions**** also the correct mfi loader for the 9300 curve

    when trying to connect with radiolab it says**** radio error timout cannot connect to radio. the device may be password enabled**** please unsure password protection is disabled
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    brother use hard reset for clear all paswords

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