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    .::ZUBAIR::. is online now
    Nokia E63 White display Hang Then Off problem solved by blank ppm

    just write blank ppm
    attached with post


    Here's it
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    Hey bro**** could u please explain the procedure step by step.
    When I use mobileex 3.5 The error comes out saying security dongle not inserted. I dont have that security dongle.
    Could u please suggest an alternative (emulator) for that.

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    .::ZUBAIR::. is online now
    if you want emulator just click here

    it working 100% i tested its alternative way

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    nice share bro...

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    .::ZUBAIR::. is online now
    Quote Originally Posted by capoenx26 View Post
    nice share bro...
    use thanks button only

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    vary nice solution

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