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    Fix Error 3194 For Restore 3gs 3.1.3

    Many users who were trying to downgrade iOS 4 to 3.1.3 have been facing a 3194 error. This error occurs when users try to restore the iPhone 3.1.3 firmware while downgrading from iOS4. So is this issue fixable? Yes* please follow the below mentioned steps.

    The problem actually lies with the fact that Apple signs the firmware now and you cannot upgrade or downgrade an iPhone using a firmware that Apple has not signed sign anymore* so this issue might go away if you use an older firmware which is signed by Apple. Once again* using an Apple signed firmware may not fix this issue and we are actively researching on things that would help users to downgrade their iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4 to iPhone OS 3.1.3.


    Apple recently released the iOS4 firmware update for the iPhone 3G* 3GS and iPod Touch users. Users updated to the new firmware anticipating new features and improved performance. Nevertheless* for some of them the opposite occurred* especially for iPhone 3G owners. Most of the iPhone 3G users are reporting very slow performance and applications crashing. The main cause of this problem is the slow processor and the low amount of RAM in the iPhone 3G.


    Now there is no official way to downgrade to OS 3.1.3 from iOS4* but there is always an unofficial way. Here are the steps to downgrade from iOS4 to OS 3.1.3 –:
    • 1) First navigate to “c:windowssystem32driversetc” and open the ‘hosts’ file in notepad. To do so* right click on the file and select Open With->Notepad. At the end of the document* add this string .
    • 2) Now connect your iPhone to iTunes in recovery mode. To do so* first switch off your device. Then press the Home button on your handset and connect the USB cable. As soon as you connect the USB cable* the device will boot up and a “Connect To iTunes” screen will be displayed. Users can now stop pressing the Home button.
    • 3) Fire up iTunes now. You will see your iPhone/iPod Touch detected in recovery mode. Now* whilst pressing the Shift key for Windows users or Alt key on the Mac platform* click on the Restore option.
    • Now just select the original OS 3.1.3 and voila* you are done. Now you can again enjoy OS 3.1.3 on your iTouch device.

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    Not working br same error

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    if u dont have shsh backup for fw 3.1.3* u cant downgrade it 4.0 to 3.1.3.........

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    yes its tru without bukup you cant dongrade

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    but where to finnd the shsh backup

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    not working for me

    i have iphone 3gs 4.0

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