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Thread: HTC sensation safe-free and noob method for unlocking

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    HTC sensation safe-free and noob method for unlocking

    1. MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP USING RECOVERY - (Completely switch off your phone**** Press Volume down + Power button to get into bootloader**** Volume down to recovery then press power button to get into Recovery. Volume down to "Backup and Restore" in recovery. Press Power to backup and your done!
    (Make a backup in Titanium backup if you don't want to or can't nandroid backup. Menu > BAtch >Backup systems data + Apps with data)

    2. Download PG58DIAG for the Sensation in the attachement.
    3. Copy the PG58DIAG file into the Root folder of your SD card (The main Folder of your Memory Card)
    4. Turn off your phone Fully and reboot into the Bootloader/HBOOT screen (see post 2 on how to get to bootloader screen)
    5. Press Volume Down to Enter DIAG - Place the phone horizontally when it asks you too. (Flat)
    6. Press power button to select "Clean S58 Data
    7. Press power again to "clean S58 Data".
    8. POW - your unlocked! Try a SIM card from a different provider!
    9. Delete the file from your SD Card (Delete PG58DIAG) and REBOOT!!
    Your phone Will set up for the first time**** go through it all till you get to your home screen
    10. Go back into recovery and restore nandroid backup. same method as step 1 above. but instead of backup**** you use restore feature
    (Use Titanium Backup to restore if you used it to backup instead of Nandroid backup)(Menu > Batch > Restore System Data + Apps with user data)

    Now you’re free to go! Bear in mind**** though**** in certain circumstances you will lose your data connectivity or network signal. You’ll just need to check your APN**** network type etc. and re-enter them; Just run the nandroid restore to get everything back

    note : extract the file from rar and put it in root of the memory card.

    Root & recovery

    Revolutionary: S-OFF & Recovery Tool is your best friend when it comes to unlocking the bootloader (S-OFF) and recovery of your device. Once installed on your phone**** it will allow you to root it easily**** explore various ROMs**** and freely install custom kernels. Follow the steps below to enable S-OFF on your HTC Sensation.

    You may need to temporarily deactivate your antivirus and/or firewall software**** as some security programs (e.g.**** Norton Antivirus) flag the Revolutionary: S-OFF & Recovery Tool as malware**** even if it actually isn’t.
    Take note of your device’s serial number. Pull out your phone’s battery and take a look at the label inside the battery compartment. Your handset’s serial number should be printed there**** usually beside the label “S/N”.

    Find out the HBOOT version on your handset. With your phone turned off**** press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. The device will boot to a white screen showing device information**** including the HBOOT version. Take note of the HBOOT version number and reboot your phone after doing so.

    Go to the Revolutionary: S-OFF & Recovery Tool website and download the appropriate package for your platform (i.e.**** Linux or Windows). As soon as the package starts downloading**** you will be redirected to a “Beta Key” form. Fill in the form with your device’s serial number and HBOOT version number. Press the “Generate Key” button to get your beta key. Take note of this beta key. You will be needing it when you run the Revolutionary tool.

    By this time**** the package file for the Revolutionary tool should have finished downloading. Extract the files into one folder on your computer’s hard drive.
    Enable “USB Debugging” from the Settings Applications Development screen on your handset.

    Connect the HTC Sensation to your computer via USB cable. When asked for a connection type**** choose “HTC Sync” and just ignore warning messages saying your phone could not find HTC Sync.

    Launch the Revolutionary tool (revolutionary.exe). A command prompt window will open and will ask you for the beta key.

    Type or copy-and-paste the beta key for Revolutionary into the command prompt window. The beta key is case-sensitive. Press Enter to allow the tool to proceed.

    Wait a little bit for Revolutionary to enable S-OFF and unlock the rewritable NAND on your handset.

    site for downloading revolutionary tool is :Revolutionary

    all crdts goes to guy sieempi at xda develeopers

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