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    Nidhal Gsm
    hi to all frds.

    i hv 6303c (rm-443) having camera on stand by pro.whn chking in mx-key*it shows

    Failed to read DCC data.

    Scanning DCC from EEPROM ...

    DCC data is absent on EEPROM.

    pls send DCC file if anyone have.

    thx in adv.

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    wright modifid pm maybee u r problem slove

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    wright modifid pm maybee u r problem slove
    u mean only 1 & 309 field of pm ?

    pls upload pm here if u have ?

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    Try a manual flash with JAF via USB

    i sucsessfully flashed mine to 10.12 no problem

    if you know how to* then press flash button and press power on button on your phon

    keep retrying this

    the flash will starls dont worry

    YouTube - Nokia 6303c Dead usb Flashing

    Now my problem is.........

    well firstlly* im sorry im not on the same subject

    but* i really need help

    how to unlock this greate sl3 phone ???

    i have no idea about how ti unlock

    the second thing is* im living in a country which there is no way to unlock this type of phone (Algeria)


    help me



    merry christmass to all members...


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    try this ..........

    6303 dcc

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    6303c camera on standby

    pls send DCC file ............................

    thanks in advance.

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