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    Dear comunity i buyed for my child new telephone and i have give him gift tomorrow i buyed that phone and hes working properly except :

    Music player when i open it he shows - NOT ENOUGH MEMORY and i cant open a music files .mp3 and video files .3gp. Shows not enough memory i have memory sdtick 1gb inside and i have USB CABLE. Also Web Browser is not opening and equalizer title=frown

    Ill please u comunity help me give me some link for software with what i can flash my phone and also lash files here is information about my phone from *#0000* (I tried already restart all settings nothing helpstitle=frown )

    I will very appreciate if somebody will give me instruction step by step how to flash please i will really appreciate it cause my child is needed to get phone hes going to school now and he doesnt have phone title=frown Thanks a lot also i u dont want to post here u can send me to e-mail
    - [email protected]

    Nokia 2700 Classic

    V 09.97



    (c) Nokia

    Variant: 00.00

    Virtual Variant:

    No Virtual Variant

    P.S. - I tried to flash the phone in one post of your phone but still nothing it not helps please even if u can help me my skype im waiting my nickname - reelaax

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    please try to flash with V9.98 your problem solve

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    flash with latest version

    v9.98 available

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    flash with latest version

    v9.98 available
    can u please give me instruction for it how to what to do mate im not profesional in this cace.

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    download link :

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    use nokia pc suite for softwre update or goto mobile phone service center

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    use nokia pc suite for softwre update or goto mobile phone service center
    pc suite doesnt helps title=frown i need to flash it can somebody give me link for phoenix software without torrent ? Cause its slow speed damm i dont know how to flash title=frown

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