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Thread: Z3box - Samsung C3322 successfully unlock DOne by Z3X BOX

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    Thumbs up Z3box - Samsung C3322 successfully unlock DOne by Z3X BOX

    Selected model: C3322

    Selected com port: COM13

    Selected speed port: 921600

    Press volume down + lock and connect USB cable to phone

    Connect to control pipe... OK

    Processor ID -> 0A34

    Sending loader... OK

    Connect to control pipe... OK

    Connect to write pipe... OK

    Connect to read pipe... OK

    Damping... OK

    Erasing... OK

    Sending... OK

    Unlock - ok

    If lock - not deactivate: Please make full reset *2767*3855# + input code #7465625*638*00000000#

    Elapsed time: 175 second* sw ver: 3.5.0026

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    Thumbs up Samsung C3322 successfully unlock DOne by Z3X BOX

    this fon have no vol.. down nor up....

    which key u use as vol. down?

    by the way unlock done


    Selected model: C3322

    Selected com port: COM3

    Selected speed port: 921600

    Please* connect phone and press power button 3 seconds

    Phone Detected

    Use automatic parameters

    Phone in TAT MODE

    Phone SW: C3322JPKE2

    Phone CSC: C3322OJPKE2

    Phone BT ADDR: CC05-1B-F690DC

    Phone IMEI: 35643104034491

    Deactivated MSL - TRUE

    Unlock - ok

    Elapsed time: 145 second* sw ver: 3.5.0026


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