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Thread: Samsung B7722 Unable Flash loader 7.2.4 - Z3box

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    ok i found the proper flash file for my DUO b7722 * this is a package which also have the Flash Loader 7.2.4 * here bellow i am writing a download link of both of these .

    Download Flash File and Flash Loader
    Hello* i am trying to flash my samsung DUO b7722 with Flash loader 7.2.4 SEC 2.4 Lite And Slave 0.4 and i get a error on one of the first steps*
    Step with issues: 2 - set usb id and choose: -+дUsbInstanceID
    When i do that get a error saying:
    Debug Assertion Failed

    Line 233
    Any ideas? i already tried in 3 different computers with different OS* XP*Vista and Win7... Error persists
    Please Help!

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    Thumbs up Samsung B7722 Unable Flash loader 7.2.4

    I was able to run the software by renaming the usb file.

    But* the software will not recognize my phone* the driver are installed* windows sees the device but software wont see it.

    any ideas?

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    Thumbs up Samsung B7722 Unable Flash loader 7.2.4

    pls download new and frsh downloader

    and try

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    Download this file from ufs/hwk support site:B7722DDJH6 ODDJH6.The flasher is inside.Use the flasher in the file.It is working 100%.I was having same problem b/4 too.

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