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    Hello Everyone*
    I just bought a new Huawei Ascend Android phone and for the life of me I cant seem to figure out how to send picture text mgs and I can not received them either. Ive tried several things and each time I tried I receive the envelope icon with a red circle and it states unable to send. Also when someone tries to send me a pic msg it says unable to download. I took it to the metro pcs store where I bought it and the rep did a master reset since I just bought the phone and I didnt have any information stored. She said it would work however* instead of checking it right there in the store* I went home and check to see if it was working and of course it did not work. I need help!! I dont know if Im just not phone savvy or is the phone I bought is not working properly. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Take it back and get a new one if it has no stored data. It was defective out of the box so I figure you should have little dificulty and try downloading a message so they can see it fails.

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    Thank-you for the reply thats exactly what Im going to do once I get off work. I even called the Cust Svs and they told me that it seems its defective to please go back to the store where I bought the phone.

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    theres a few things you might try first...

    first question is did you port a number into metro? full porting for calling is quick* but mms can take longer...

    if the above isnt the issue you can update your prl by dialing *228 and say roaming list when prompted. double check the programming the phone (mdn* min* sid.) have metro refresh your account in the switch. pull the battery for 5 minutes. if this doesnt help then have metro issue a trouble ticket. be sure to notate the trouble ticket number* person spoke with* time* date* etc. if after 72 business hours (mon-fri) the issue isnt resolved then have your local store email their asr with the issue and all your account info including the trouble ticket info.

    the reason i say all this is just in case swapping phones doesnt work and/or someone else is having the same issue. hope this helps title=Smile

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    I also have problems sending and receiving picture messages. It will sit there trying forever. Sometimes it works* but mostly does not. Anything out there I should try looking at. I have a rooted HTC Eris running 2.1. Help yall!!

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    Pic message limit is around 600kb and your phone may be trying to send a larger message. If possible change it or download go sms and set the limit to 500k and it should go through

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    Just changed a few settings. Hopefully that will help.

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