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    Don Vitus

    This is what I did I have LG optimus m
    1. Make sure USB debugging is enabled
    2. Download USB driver and install on your computer
    3. Download 3020 prl prl
    4. Download and install qpst 2.7
    qpst 2.7
    5. Connect phone to computer
    6. Open device manager expand ports and make note of what com port your USB device is on
    7. Open up qpst configuration if com port is not shown select add port and enter com# (# being the one seen @ device manager)
    8. Select service programming (phone must be selected to continue)
    9. On the main menu setting tab click read from phone and will obtain phone info it will ask for ur spc
    10. Spc code can be obtained through cdma workshop or by using Get Spc
    11. Look for roam tab and there will be an option under preferred roaming to search for new prl locate it and select write it will ask for ur spc code again

    note Im not responsible for bricking ur phone Ive done this before and familiar with the software even though this quick tut should be noob friendly
    it may be possible for this method to work with ascend or indulge i have yet to try it since i only own an optimus

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    Don Vitus

    This works and should really be moved to the Optimus M All Things Root section

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    Don Vitus



    This works and should really be moved to the Optimus M All Things Root section

    its under optimus m i just put here as this might be useful for ascend or indulge users

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    thats was quick and easy*no problem*rebooted on android 2.2.2 got a 3g symbol then went away*i understand how this 3g work so im running test*i live in f tlauderdale florida*thx buddy

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    Ive tried this method before* for the M835* it reboots the phone before it even writes the PRL* CDMA Workshop works a LOT better in my opinion title=Smile

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