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    Hi everyone*

    This is a Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom guide and walkthrough for the Android game.

    This walkthrough is only for Bloodthirsty (the hardest difficulty)* although the easier difficulties should be fine with the strategies too.

    Note that the directions used in this walkthrough will assume that the top of the map is North* the left is West* and so on.

    1. General Info & Tips (strongly recommended)

    1.1.1 Fighting Heroes
    Warrior (in Warriors Guild): the bread-and-butter of your army; pretty tough and can pretty much survive on their own

    (in Warriors Guild with Temple of Agrella): walks faster* hits better* and more likely to explore than Warriors; they survive VERY well* but cost significantly more

    1.1.2 Wizard
    Wizard (in Wizards Guild)
    The best damage-dealing units of the whole game when levelled up. They die in one hit at lower levels.

    Theyre essential for many missions (including Dragon Hazard). Wizards are useless without the spells trained in the Library.
    Note that harpies are immune to magic (from my experience). Keep harpies away from wizards at all costs!

    Different spells are learned at different levels. When the Wizard reaches the said level* he can use that spell.

    Wizard Skills (level 1 Library):
    Fire blast: Learned at 3* effectively allowing him a guaranteed kill on most enemies before they can hit him
    Magic resistance: Mostly useless* except against Vampires spells (in my experience)
    Teleport: Not that useful* but they move faster when needed

    Wizards Skills (level 2 Library):
    Meteorite storm: Learned at level 8* this skill allows wizards to kill every enemy in a large area very quickly; meteors repeatedly land on a point* doing big splash damage
    Fireball: Learned at level 5* like a single-hit meteorite storm
    Fire shield: Learned at level 2; this allows monsters a few hits on a wizard (instead of one hit) before he dies

    Keeping Wizards Alive
    Wizards die really easily* so its your job to keep them alive. There are several important tools for this:

    Building placement:
    Do not place the Wizards Guild on a side that gets a huge amount of enemies. Try to avoid having incoming enemies pass directly by the front door of a Wizards Guild. Its good to place Guard Towers and Warriors Guilds near a Wizards Guild to protect the wizards.

    Game saves: Save when your wizards are alive! If they die* load the game* and they might make a different decision that doesnt lead to them dying.

    Invisibility: When combined with game saves* youll never lose your wizards unless you choose to. If a wizards about to be attacked* make him Invisible manually! If a wizard dies a few seconds after a Game save* make him Invisible* and he wont die!

    Note that invisibility can also be used on enemy units. If your wizard is stuck attacking a harpy and the harpy is stuck attacking the wizard* use invisibility on both of them. Your wizard will go on his way* and the harpy will eventually turn visible* probably somewhere where she can be killed by one of your melee units.

    1.1.3 Other Heroes
    Tax collectors: theres not much you can do with them* but be sure to set the minimum amount of gold they take! I usually set it to 100/100* and raise it later if income goes higher; this allows them to avoid dying on unnecessary trips for tiny amounts of gold

    (trained at Temple of Agrella): very good support units* although they tend to cluster around one or two units; they really will never die

    Necromancer (trained at the Temple of Crypta): theyre not great* but the fact that they raise skeletons and zombies makes them a viable replacement for melee fighting units in some situations; their fragility usually does not allow them to fully replace those units

    The rest of these heroes I never used
    Ranger (trained at Rangers guild): good for cheap and fast exploring early-game* but they die easily
    Elf (trained at Elven Bungalow): like the Ranger* except even less useful; skip
    Dwarf (trained at Dwarven Fortress): very slow warrior* not very useful in my experience

    1.2.1 Buildings Uses
    Its pretty easy to see what the Guilds do* but Ill explain the good uses of the other buildings.

    Guard tower: If placed properly* these protect your Wizards from attack

    You need these for money; not having one of these slows you down a lot. The healing potions are also very useful

    Elven bungalow:
    These double your income from all your buildings! This is really useful when you want to speed up your game or need to get expensive things (like a level 3 Temple or Agrella or Wizards Guild); with one of these and one level 3 Marketplace* you will rarely be out of money

    Gnome hovel:
    Costing just 100 gold for the first building* these can really speed up your game if you build them at the start; they also help to repair your Marketplaces* which can get destroyed pretty quickly by Trolls otherwise

    1.2.1 Building Placement
    Building placement is one of the most important parts of the game! Here are a few general tips.

    Warriors Guilds can absorb a lot of damage. Also* warriors automatically return when they get attacked* and warriors will protect adjacent buildings too when they come out of the Guild. Place these in the directions where enemies come from.

    Wizards Guilds need to be placed somewhere where outgoing wizards wont encounter enemies nearby (as theyll get killed at low levels)

    Marketplaces should be placed beside one or more Warriors Guilds (preferably one to the southwest or northeast* and another one to the northwest) that can protect them from Harpies and Trolls (which attack them specifically)

    1.3 General Tips
    Game saves: If everythings going fairly well and none of your heroes are in any situation where they might die soon* save your game! In case one of your high-level or important heroes die or a building gets destroyed in the near future* you can get back to this point and adjust your strategy instead of starting over again. You can also use this trick to avoid the annoyance of Wizards dying.

    Invisibility: The most important skill in the game* this helps your heroes stay alive if you use it on a low-health hero. If you use it on an enemy* you can have a hero ignore that enemy. This is good if a hero is heading towards a flag of some kind.

    Heal: If you dont have as much money; a cast of the Heal (the cross) spell might keep him alive for long enough to run away

    Explore flags: Often* multiple (2 or 3) Explore flags will attract more heroes than one expensive one.

    Attack flags and flags in general: Dont set flags in different directions. First have one target direction flagged* and when the target is close to being achieved* set the flag in the other direction. Also* dont set too many flags or too high-valued flags* as that will draw all your heroes away from your base and leave it underdefended in many scenarios* which can ultimately be counterproductive.

    2 Walkthrough
    On diagrams: the building locations are coloured:
    Red: Castle
    Grey: Warriors Guild
    Cyan: Temple of Agrella
    Dark Red: Temple of Crypta
    Green: Gnomes Hovel
    Gold: Marketplace
    Purple: Wizards Guild
    Pink: Library
    Orange: Guard Tower
    Black: Blacksmith

    2.1 Level One: Rat Plague
    This is a fairly easy level regardless of how you do it* and the only one I used rangers.

    We start by getting a Rangers guild on the southeast side of base and two or three Rangers that explore the map on their own. This is necessary as there are single rats spread around the map.

    Then* we buld a Warriors guild on the western corner of the base* and then 4 warriors* as well as a Marketplace. You dont need that much money this game* so I only upgraded Healing Potions. Its recommended that you build another Warriors guild to speed the game up.

    Then* its a matter of setting explore and attack flags. One Monsters Lair is on the western corner of the map* while the other is near the northeastern edge.

    Build Order
    Gnome hovel
    Rangers guild
    Warriors guild
    Warriors guild

    2.7 Level Seven: Elven guerillas
    This level is tough due to the large number of enemies attacking your base. Finishing in 38 days guarantees you a Gold in my experience* but Im not sure if its based on time.

    I chose to finish this by killing the Elves. While reaching 40*000 gold in less than 40 days is probably possible* a lot of Marketplaces (at least 2* probably 3) would be needed. The number of Trolls generated by the marketplaces would be pretty hard to manage* given the already-large number of enemies.

    Strategy summary
    Lots of Paladins (3 Warriors Guilds) and good building placement (to protect Marketplace)

    Building layout

    We first build a Gnome hovel. Then* we build the first Warriors Guild on the east and train one warrior. As soon as the Warriors Guild is done* we build a Temple of Agrella. We start training Paladins as soon as the Temple finishes. Build the second Warriors Guild on the southeast* and then build the Marketplace.

    Now we slowly train Healers and more Paladins in the second Warriors Guild as money comes in until we have 7 Paladins. Upgrade your Marketplace if you want* but at least get Healing Potions.

    Dont set Explore flags before you have two fully-occupied Warriors Guilds as the enemies come fast.

    I recommend getting a third Warriors Guild on the southwest of your base (coloured light-grey) and train one or two Paladins. You can explore southwest before you get this* but this way* spawned enemies from the southwest wont keep attacking your castle and force your forces to return.

    There are four groups of Elven bungalows: theyre marked on the map below in blue. Your castle is red. Set Explore flags past them* and then set big Attack flags once theyve been found and cancel your Explore flags.

    2.8 Level Eight: Horned Bride
    The Dwarves cant fight* and the Minotaurs are super-strong. I think it would be nearly impossible to protect the Dwarves instead of eliminating the Minotaurs in Bloodthirsty* and as such* I chose to kill the Dwarves as soon as I could.

    Strategy summary
    Protect the Dwarves until Day 12 with towers and make sure you attack the Dwarves after the message pops up* but before the Minotaurs destroy their castle.

    Building layout

    Build a Gnome hovel on the northeast. Start off by building the Warriors Guild. As soon as its done* pump out 4 warriors* and build the Wizards Guild. Build 2 wizards and then the Guard Tower on the west (to prevent your Wizard from getting killed on that side). A second Guard Tower to the southeast can also help. Build a Library and research at least Fireball* but

    At the same time* with your excess money* build another (one or two) Gnome hovels in some free space in the interior of the Dwarves base. Then* build Guard Towers.

    Build two adjacent to the Dwarven Tower at the northern tip of their base* but slightly south of the Dwarven Tower so that they dont get attacked too much. Build one or two on the east (between the two Dwarven Towers on the east)* and build one on the west* just north of the hanging skeleton. Replace the towers if they get killed (and you have the money).

    Send explore flags to the Dwarven base to protect them and to clear the way to their base for the 12th day.

    When the 12th day comes* youll get a message from the Minotaurs. At this point* set up an attack flag on any building of the Dwarves. As soon as any of your heroes attack the building* the Dwarves will become your enemy. The Minotaurs will finish them off and youll win.

    2.9 Level Nine: Dragon Hazard
    In this level* you need to survive for 40 days* AND kill all of the dragons. This second requirement tripped me up* and I actually emailed Herocraft to ask about this. The dragons kill everyone except wizards quickly* and the harpies kill all the wizards quickly.

    Strategy summary
    Using saved games* load the game when a wizard dies. Have four high-level wizards to kill the dragons* and tons of melee units to kill the harpies. Keep pumping out melee fighting units as they die to dragons.

    Building layout
    I kept restarting the game until I got a placement of the sewers near the location of the Wizards Guild (which spawn rats)* as this helps the wizards level.

    Remember to save frequently if things go right!
    As soon as the game starts* build the Marketplace* followed immediately by the first Warriors Guild (on the north). At this point* the sewers (which spawn rats) should have shown up. If the sewers werent spawned near the point where I indicated the Wizards Guild would be* I restarted the game* as the rats serve as valuable experience for the wizards. If the sewers were spawned at a good location* I save.

    As soon as the Warriors Guild finishes* I build the Elven Bungalow and train 3 warriors. Afterwards* I build the Wizards Guild and then the Library. During all of this* Im upgrading the Marketplace to level 3.

    With any cash I have remaining while upgrading the Marketplace* I train 4 wizards. If all has gone well* the wizards should start running around and killing things. As per the "Keeping Wizards Alive" part of this guide* use Saved games and Invisibility to keep them alive.

    In the meantime* upgrade all of the Level 1 wizard spells and train the 4th solider* and then upgrade all Level 2 wizard spells except Meteorite storm. You should be raking in the cash. With any excess cash* build the Temple of Krolm and the second (southeastern) Warriors Guild. Do not train heroes there yet.

    You really need to have a level 5 Wizard (with Fireball) by Day 12 to 14* when the first dragons come around. Lower-level spells do negligible damage. Set explore and attack flags to the northwest (near the Peasants House) and the southwest (also near the Peasants House) and try to get your wizards going there by saving and loading if theyre not leveling fast enough.

    Once youd defeated the first wave of dragons* train heroes at your new Temple and Warriors Guild* and build a new Warriors Guild (to the west). Once thats done* its a repeating cycle of building new Warriors and Necromancers to replace dead ones* and killing dragons.

    During this process* there are a few tips that will help you.
  2. Keep training new heroes! When you have spare time* go around each of the 4 buildings and train a hero.

  3. Save when the coast is clear! No dragons or harpies? Save the game! Load if anything goes really badly (for example* a wizard dies).

  4. Use invisibility on harpies! If your wizards are stuck attacking harpies while your warriors are dying to dragons* temporarly make the harpies and wizards invisible.

  5. Kill dragons outside of your base! If you see lots of dragons hovering around the map* set some attack flags to get rid of them before the harpies come and make the game really annoying for you. If a dragon is attacking the northwest or south of your base and no wizards are going after it* set some attack flags* or else youll lose heroes and buildings.

  6. Once the 40th day comes* thatll be your final wave of dragons. After that* use the Sight spell to explore the map and kill the dragons that are hanging around.

    2.10 Level Ten: Paladin Riot
    The enemies dont stop coming* and the waves of vampires are very hard to defeat at the start. This level is harder than Dragon hazard in that there are more things that have to go right for you to win. Its been really hard to win without abusing saved games to make sure a hero does a certain action at a certain time.

    Strategy summary
    Release 8 fighting heroes from caskets and build a Temple of Agrella before the first wave of Vampires on day 12* get a Level 3 Wizards Guild and more heroes* and kill the Temple.

    Building layout
    Build all your buildings to the northeast and southeast of the castle.

    The casket locations are shown below. Your castle is in red and the Temple of Crypta is in dark red.
    Casket area 2 contains 2 Paladins.
    Casket area 3 contains 1 Paladin and 2 Warriors.
    Casket area 5 contains 2 Warriors of discord.
    Casket area 8 contains 1 Warrior.
    Casket areas 1 and 4 contain 2 Wizards each.
    Casket area 6 contains Barbarians.
    Casket area 7 contains 2 Healers.

    Start by building the Marketplace to the southeast* followed immediately by the Warriors Guild by the castle on the northeast. As soon as the Warriors Guild completes* train a Warrior and set a explore flag by casket area 2 with only 100 gold. Save the game before the Warrior comes out.

    Keep loading the game until the warrior immediately chooses to hunt northwest or explore towards the flag upon coming out of the Guild. You should have enough money to build a second Warriors Guild. Do so* directly east of your castle.

    Your single warrior should be heading northwest and should notice the. Save the game just before this first warrior opens the single casket at casket area 8.

    Keep loading the game until the high-level warrior that comes out of the casket immediately chooses to hunt northwest or explore towards the flag. Immediately retire the low-level warrior you originally hired. Before the high-level warrior reaches the set of caskets at casket area 3* save. Usually* hell get stopped by 2 zombies and 1 skeleton. Before he opens any caskets* set a new 100-gold explore flag at the southern corner of casket area 5. Save when hes about to defeat the last monster.

    Keep loading until the following occurs after he opens all the caskets:
    1. The Paladin released heads towards the northwest OR two Warriors head towards the flag to the northwest (near area 2)
    2. At least one fighter heads towards the flag to the southwest (near area 5)

    If you want to really play it safe* load until two Warriors head toward the northwest and the Paladin heads towards the southwest. Save immediately after this happens.

    If your fighter heading towards the southwest gets stopped by a monster* save. Keep loading until he goes on towards the flag after defeating the monster.

    Eventually* the heroes at casket area 2 will release 2 paladins and the hero(es) at casket area 5 will release 2 warriors of discord. Save once this happens. At this point* it should be around day 5 or 6* and you should have 3 high-level Warriors* 3 high-level Paladins* 2 high-level Warriors of Discord* and something like 1500-2000 gold.

    From this point on* upgrade your Castle to level 2* research healing potions* and build a Temple of Agrella in that order. Pump out four Healers.

    Also from this point on* load the game if any of your fighting heroes die. This is to save money for a Level 3 Wizards Guild (to avoid having your heroes entombed).

    On day 11 to 13 or so* the first wave of vampires should come. If your heroes repel them with no losses* save. Afterwards* save after every wave of vampires with no losses.

    Work to upgrade your Marketplace to level 3. In the meantime* be a manual healer and keep using heal (when necessary) to keep your heroes alive.

    Upgrade your castle to Level 3. Save up another 6000 gold and then build another Warriors Guild. Pump out 4 more Paladins. If you see any heroes trapped in nearby caskets* set some expore flags near the caskets to free them.

    Finally* once you have a fair amount of heroes use the Sight spell to explore the area of the map with the Temple of Crypta and set a huge Attack flag on it. Soon* your heroes should attack* and victory will be yours!

    A few tips:
  7. If something just wont go right after repeated loads* start over. I know it sucks* but I had to do this a few times before everything worked out right. If you want "multiple saves" and have a rooted phone* you can also use an app like Titanium Backup to make multiple saves by backing up the game data

  8. There are two ways to manually heal heroes; if you want them to keep fighting* manually heal them early on; otherwise* dont heal them until theyre really low on health or have stopped fighting

  9. If theres a bunch of vampires gathering around a single hero and a single healer* set some attack flags on the vampires to get more people to come* or else your hero will certainly die when the healer gets scared off

  10. Somewhere in there* build a few (2 or 3) Gnome Hovels to make sure your Marketplace/Temple of Agrella dont get destroyed

  11. Dont actually train any Wizards! The reflect spell ability of the Vampires make your wizards kill your other heroes; retire any wizards you get out of caskets

  12. Hope this helps! Note that youll need to load up to 50 times before you get to day 6 if youre unlucky* so dont worry about it. While I dont think that abuse of saved games was a design requirement for completion of the level* this strategy worked best for me. Good luck!

    2.11 Level Eleven: Eloped Wife
    This level is slightly (but only slightly) easier than Paladin Riot. Theres a lot of luck involved in finishing the level* as you need one of your Warriors to come back with boatloads of cash. They dont tend to do this as they usually either get killed or keep fighting the huge numbers of enemies that keep coming).

    Note that you dont need to destroy the three Elven Castles to weaken the daemonwoods if you dont want to! If youre using Wizards like I am* its faster not to destroy them.

    Strategy Summary
    Get 8 Warriors and a Marketplace with healing potions. With some luck* some warriors will return with boatloads of cash. Upgrade your castle* build a Wizards Guild and a Library and eventually grow the number of Wizards and their levels with the "Invisibility" spell. Eventually attack straight towards the Elven Castle on the right corner of the map.

    Building Layout
    This level is a little annoying as you cant shelter buildings behind your castle. Also* your heroes tend to wander very far left and down the map and get killed. The building layout we have right now is a way to try to prevent that.

    We start by building a gnome hovel as close to the right-bottom edge of what you can initially see (inside the Wizards Guild box). Then* we build around there.

    Note that the locations of the Library* Temple of Crypta and Gnome Hovels can be changed without huge differences* as you should have skilled Wizards by then.

    At the start of the game* you should probably destroy the Rangers Guild. Rangers will lead enemies back to your base otherwise* and you dont want them attacking your buildings that early* as it slows down construction.

    Start out by building the Gnome Hovel at the right-bottom corner. As soon as thats done* build your first Warriors Guild* the one on the left. Once thats done* pump out Warriors and build the Marketplace at the same time. When thats done* immediately research Healing Potions and build your second Warriors Guild.

    Once you have 7-8 Warriors* build the Guard Tower* so that your Tax Collectors dont have to walk all the way back to the Castle.

    Now* we just hope for the best and replace any dead Warriors. Feel free to use saves to try to get cases where Warriors dont all die to Spiders within a short time* as that pretty much loses you the game.

    We have to actually get pretty lucky for the erest of this strategy to work. Your Warriors* while fighting the rich elves* should accumulate thousands and thousands of gold. However* they tend not to ever try to return to base* and when they do try* they usually get killed.

    Using saves can help you here* but not much. Basically* you need to hope that one or two fo those Warriors return home with their gold* and that the (at least 3000 for the Castle* and another 2500 for Wizards and Libraries) gold is successfully delivered to the Guard Tower or the Castle.

    When this happens* save!

    That happened for me* and I immediately set about upgrading my Castle. Following that* I destroyed the Gnome Hovel* built one or two new ones. The yellow-shaded Gnome Hovels can really be placed anywhere where they wont be destroyed* and not specificallly where I put it in the map.

    Once the Castles done* I built the Wizards Guild on where the Gnome Hovel once stood. As soon as the Wizards Guild finished* I built the Library and started training one Wizard.

    I only trained one Wizard in the start as I was quite intent on keeping him alive with Invisible* as swarms of elves had already gathered on the southeast by this point. At the same time* upgrade Fireball* then the other two Wizard abilities and immediately upgrade to Library. Upgrade Fire Shield* and eventually* once your Wizard levels up to 5 and 8* research Fire blast and Meteorite storm respectively.

    Keep the Wizard alive! He should quickly level up to Level 3 if you follow the above directions for keeping Wizards alive (mostly use Invisible* possibly saved games). Once he gets there* he gets pretty useful.

    From here on out* keep pumping out Wizards and keep replacing Warriors for the time being. Theyre really just meat shields.

    Somewhere in this process* build a Temple of Crypta* preferably near the Library. This is mainly to shield the castle and to protect the Library. Keep the Necromancers alive too* although this should take less work than keeping the Wizards alive due to the presence of skeletons. You can also build the second Wizards Guild to the left of the Warriors Guilds if you want at this point for more Wizarding power.

    Finally* once you have at least 4 high-level Wizards* you can use the Explore (Sight) spell to explore the very eastern corner of the map. The Elven Castle there is where your wife is being hidden. Set attack and explore flags around that area* and victory should be yours.


    In the process* feel free to upgrade your castle and Temple of Crypta so you can resurrect the rare dead Wizards.

    2.12 Level Twelve: Elvish Princess
    This level is of a pretty reasonable difficulty on Bloodthirsty. No real luck is necessary* and crazy amounts of points can be obtained even with a 55-day finish.

    Interesting point: the trolls* spiders* and goblins will attack each other.

    Strategy Summary
    We start out by getting a third-level Marketplace* and two fully-filled Warriors Guilds. Upgrade the Castle* get a Temple of Agrella* and fill up two more Warriors Guilds with Paladins. Once they get to a reasonably high level* set explore flags sequentially to each elf. Once there* manually use the heal spell to keep whichever unit thats attacking the elf alive. This is expensive* but you should have enough money by then.

    Building Layout
    The main goal is to protect your Marketplace; youll have a lot of units coming in to attack from all sides. The numbers indicate the order the Warriors Guilds should be built in.


    The map below indicates the locations of the three elves. Each of them is guarded by a Monster Lair; harpies on the left* trolls on the bottom* and the most dangerous - spiders on the right-bottom.

    First* build a gnome hovel. Then* build the Marketplace immediately. Start upgrading it as soon as its done; we keep upgrading it continuously as we build other buildings until its upgraded to Tier 3.

    Build the 1st Warriors Guild; pump out Warriors as soon as its done. When its done* immediately build the 2nd Warriors Guild. Repeat the process.

    If you want* use saves to avoid having too many Warriors dying to spiders. This isnt needed at all* and I didnt really do it. The good part about this level is that the goblins often fight with spiders* killing both parties.

    Once you have 3000 gold* upgrade your castle. Build a Temple of Agrella and pump out one or two Healers. Build the other Gnome Hovels at or before this point. When your buildings arent under attack and you have 2400 gold* build the third Warriors Guild. Train 4 Paladins. Then* wait for 3200 gold and build the fourth Warriors Guild. Train another 4 Paladins and fill up your Temple of Agrella.

    Rack up some gold as your Warriors and Paladins defend your base and level up.

    Once thats done* save (just in case too many heroes go in a certain direction and your base gets destroyed) and set an explore flag worth several thousand gold at one of the Elves. Eventually* one or more of your heroes should head over there.

    Multiple units may get there and get attacked by the elf; most of them will die or try to retreat when they keep losing health really quickly - try to save them. Regardless of whether one or multiple units arrives at a time* always keep one unit - one thats fairly strong and within range of the Elf - alive by manually spending gold on the Heal spell every one or two seconds on him.

    You will be burning through gold if you do this* but by this point* your third-tier Marketplace shouldve earned you thousands* if not tens of thousands of gold (since it takes a long time for a hero to get to the Explore flag). Keep doing this until the Elf dies.

    Repeat the process for the other two Elves and you should win.
    Note that you shouldnt want to set Attack Flags on the Elf. That would send more than one hero there; since you can really only manually heal one hero fast enough* the rest would just die.

    The End (for now)
    More levels walkthroughs probably will not come soon but if anything is tripping any of you up* feel free to post!

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    Thanks for the help! Theres a definite lack of info on the Android version out there...

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    Thanks for the strategies. Anyone figured out how to finish the Paladin Riot level?

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    For Paladin Riot* the strategies Ive tried are built on unlocking caskets. Theyve helped a lot* but I havent been able to win yet.

    Heres what I usually try to do:

    1. Gnome Hovel* Marketplace (dont research Healing Potions yet) and then Warriors Guild

    Before the Warriors Guild finishes* I set one cheap (100-gold) explore-flag to the second set of caskets (two caskets) on the Northeast side of the map (the one near a monsters lair* near but not at the Northern corner)

    Then* I hire one Warrior and save before he comes out for the first time. I keep loading to that point until the following chain of events happens:
  16. The Warrior decides to either explore on his own or goes towards the explore flag and opens the casket thats really close to your base

  17. The Warrior that emerges from the casket decides to explore towards the explore flag and opens the 4 caskets that are closer to your base

  18. At least one Warrior/Paladin that emerge from those caskets decide to explore towards the explore flag and release the two Paladins

  19. Two strategies Ive tried are:
  20. Have only one Warriors Guild; this means that I retire the level 1 Warrior before the 3 Heroes from the 1st set of caskets are released* and then retire 2 Warriors before the 2nd set of caskets are released* so I end up with 3 Paladins and 1 Warrior; however* this saves some money and allows me to go for a Temple of Agrella before the first wave of vampires come

  21. Have two Warriors Guilds; this means that I end up with 4 high-level Warriors* 3 Paladins* and 1 low-level Warrior that I originally hired; these can help a lot in holding off Vampires with the help of potions* but they do eventually die

  22. The 2nd strategy had managed to hold off the Vampires for a short while. Id appreciate it if you could share what youve done!

    That being said* Ive been taking a break from the game* but I will get back to it.

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    Ive beaten Paladin Riot on the easiest Pacifist setting a number of times* though Ive been completely unable to beat it on either of the harder two settings* Peacemaker and Bloodthirsty.

    Beating Paladin Riot it on the easiest setting took some trial and error* but its fairly straight forward. The key to victory is the Dwarven Tower.

    Quick walk-through:

    Build all buildings as far towards the north-east as possible. Build a blacksmith* build a market* upgrade the market to level III* build a Warriors Guild and 4 warriors* build 3 gnome hovels* 1 touching the north castle wall* the other touching the eastern castle wall* 1 touching the north wall of the marketplace. Build a guard tower near the marketplace entrance to keep your money collector from wandering around and getting killed. Wait for enough money to upgrade the castle to level II.

    The only real threat is attacks on the marketplace. Focus on quickly building and upgrading as quickly as possible while making sure the marketplace isnt destroyed.

    Upgrade the blacksmith to level III (prerequisite for a Dwarven fortress) wait for enough money to buy the Dwarven Fortress* only then destroy the Gnome hovels and immediately build the Dwarven fortress. The moment the fortress is completed* build Dwarven Towers touching the southern and western sides of the castle. You can build two towers simultaneously at a good speed. Five dwarven towers closely grouped on the western and southern sides of the castle are nearly invincible. Most of the baddies walk right into their field of fire and die before even reaching the castle. I also put one near the market. Early in the tower building process* buy at least one Dwarf; they can make the building and repairing of towers go quite a bit faster.

    With 4 or 5 dwarven towers near the castle and one near the market the game is effectively won. Now its just the grind of building another market near the first market* building even more dwarven towers* building a healing temple* wizards guild* upgraded castle* another warriors guild* library and the rest. Dont forget a few well placed dwarven towers to protect these new buildings* they also help protect money collectors from rats. A dozen dwarven towers is not too many. Well spread towers actually save money* as they prevent any number of heroes from being killed while defending the castles and buildings.

    My personal opinion is that Majestys Paladin Riot level on the hardest two settings is completely broken. I suspect it was released before it was properly tuned for difficulty. My guess would be that they tested it on the easy setting without ever testing it on the higher two settings. They just shortened the time for baddies to appear and increased their number. In other words* its not just a hard on the Bloodthirsty setting* its a bug. Consider that even on the easiest setting* Paladin Riot is harder than nearly any other level in the game on its hardest setting.

    I believe it is completely impossible to beat PR on the hardest setting. The enemies come so quickly and in such a continuous stream* there is simply not enough time or money to build even close to enough defenses. Its simply impossible.

    I expect that a future bug fix will re-tune the harder settings to make them beatable. I suspect theyll just delay the onslaught by a few minutes and stop the continual stream of baddies. In other words* a fixed version will make the hardest setting little more difficult than the current easiest one.

    While I like Majesty overall* Im not so happy with unbeatable levels that obviously never had a single hour of QA testing.

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    Paladin riot is not unbeatable! I just beat it on Bloodthirsty in 42 days (game-days). Ill write out the guide soon.

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    What about a walkthrough for the Daemonwood level?

    I have beaten this level many times* but never with gold.

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