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Thread: Secret alcatel codes

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    Secret alcatel codes

    ###232# Access call duration directly (DAP Code)
    *#837# Check current software version
    *#2886# Enter Auto Test mode

    11223344 Unlock the phone (Super Code) -ot

    Press R key+ power on key reset to factory setting – it

    will delete user’s data**** warning. fot -ot 980 adroid

    11223344 Unlock the phone (Super Code) -ot

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    code dont work bro

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    New Service codes Alcatel:
    E101**** E207 software version: *#4837*#
    E101**** E207 auto call test: *#2255*#
    E101**** E207 memory status: *#6362*#
    E101**** E207 reset menu: *#7378*#
    S520 factory mode: *#3228#
    S520 engineer mode: *#364463#
    S520 software version: *#837#
    S520 auto test: *#2886#
    S520 clean test records: *#3872#
    S520 restore default settings: *#73738#

    press tanks if you like this bye

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