Nokia C2-00 No Display and Keypad Light LED problem repair Solution

Here's the solution if it happens that you are troubleshooting Nokia C2-00 LCD Display and or keypad backlight problem caused by wet damaged or anything else.

This guide may help you out if the LCD screen shows a dark screen and or the keypad white LED are not functioning. The solution below shows the connection line paths of the LCD and keypad backlight LED of Nokia C2-00 PCB board. You can easily trace and locate where the possible problem occurred.

On Nokia C2-00**** the keypad and LCD white backlight LED were connected in series**** so it means if there is one LED is busted the whole backlight circuit will shutdown. For easy troubleshooting**** you may first check both of the white LED on keypad**** then check also the battery power voltage (VBAT 3.7V) connection.
The LED driver circuit will be the next spot**** then check all the corresponding LED+ and LED- connections down to each of the keypad and LCD white LED.

Nokia C2-00 Keypad and LCD Display Backlight Connection Tracks