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Thread: Nokia C2-00 LCD Display Connection Line Tracks Ways Solution

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    Nokia C2-00 LCD Display Connection Line Tracks Ways Solution

    Here's the dual SIM Nokia C2-00 Display connection line paths in case you are going to troubleshoot display problem such blank display**** dark screen display**** white screen (with tones)**** No backlight LED that is resulted from due to wet damaged or accidentally dropped issues by the users.

    This solution may help to trace each of the LCD display signal data connection including the LCD white backlight LED from a components or tests spots where you can easily manage to track down an open circuit.

    This also includes the specific Supply Voltages**** Ground pins of the LCD**** just refer to the solution for a quick guide.


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    Pls sir what is the meaning of vio=1.80 and vaux=2.80*

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