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    Where to buy the dongle?

    Because the RTAS dont want to write imei on my 8520 curve

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    and tell me why the BBToolAuth dont want to connect it says something about could not connect with the rtas server or something like that and after that comming up failed

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    you need contact blackberry about

    if you have the account to access thier server***

    if you havnt the account**then you see above error...

    i did say*it can read**but writing*thats a different matter....

    needs to b cracked.....

    or emulate a server*

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    I find the bb and now she is blocked by operator thats why i cant call anywhere

    what should i do now should i wait for a new RLT

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    Message Log

    Radio Error: Station setup error: BBToolAuth is not installed. Cannot connect to radio.

    Connecting to device on USB...


    Radio Lab Tool v2.13.224.0 (built with RIMRadio v4.0.0.13)

    Helpppp please

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    install bbtool.

    but if you wanna use rlt with new security device* you canīt do nothing. because the new versions of rlt need rtas permission

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    then good for nothing.

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