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Thread: BlackBerry - How to Disable Security Code of Black Berry with New Desktop Manager???

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    I Installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager and I tried to Disable Security Code of my BlackBerry 9700 with the method below but There is no Policy Manager in this Location

    HKEY_Current_UsersSoftwareResearch In MotionBlackBerryPolicyManager
    There is only Manager instead of Policy Manager Before Installing this Version of BlackBerry I always used Desktop Manager 4.7 and I always Succeeded to disable Security Code of BlackBerries with the Method Below

    I also Tried in other computers with the same Version But no Sucess What to do NOW

    I have to Install Desktop Manager 4.7 OR IS there any Solution to Disable Security Code with the New Desktop Manager

    Plz tell

    The OLD process is

    Step 1 Ensure the Blackberry Desktop Manager is installed using Blackberry Internet Service* and not Blackberry Enterprise Server. If you are unsure* it would probably be a good idea to uninstall the Desktop Manager and start again.

    If you dont have the CD that came with your Blackberry* the Software can be downloaded here.

    Step 2 Download the file policy.bin and save it in your Blackberry installation directory (C:Program FilesResearch In MotionBlackBerry).

    Step 3 Wipe your Blackberry* creating a backup if necessary. Select Options/Security/Wipe on the Device.

    If this option is unavailable* you may have to install the latest software on your Blackberry. You need to Download and install the latest Desktop Manger Software* then the latest Handheld Software. Connect your device* open the Desktop Manager* select Application Loader* and follow the prompts.

    Step 4 Close the Desktop Manager if it is open.

    Step 5 From the Windows Start Menu select Run...* and at the prompt type regedit. In the tree on the left hand side* navigate to:

    HKEY_Current_UsersSoftwareResearch In MotionBlackBerryPolicyManager

    Right-Click the Policy Manager Folder and select New/String Value. Name the value Path. Now* Double-Click the Path Subkey and set Value Data to:

    C:Program FilesResearch In MotionBlackBerrypolicy.bin

    Step 6 Open the Desktop Manager.

    Step 7 Connect the Device.


    Once complete* the Options/Security screen on your Blackberry should not contain references to an IT Policy* you should now be able to change all settings (including password prompts)* and install Third Party Applications.

    Its working perfectly on 9700 bold.

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    Thanks for your share this here

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