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    i have BB9780

    it shows on LCD Error 507

    i understand that have to flash it

    in our country dont use BB phones so

    we dont know good these phones

    installed all needed programms



    NET_Framework_all _version

    BlackBerry Desktop see the phone

    now i have to flash this phone

    but i cant download flashfile

    9780- or higher

    on BB support there is no model BB9780

    there is written OS

    but really i dont understand which one is suitable for 9780

    Thanks for help

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    download blackberry handheld software and update with desktop manager.

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    driss maatouk
    you need to install handhelp software in your computer like normal programmes and then update with blackberry desktop manager.

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    can you give link for this program

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    you need to download 9780 handheld software according to your operator.whats your operator??

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