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    Hi* if any friends have software to reset Blackberry LCD for model 8900*8520*9700*9800?

    by using the software* for example 8900 LCD version #002 and #004 could be used on any 8900 (before some can only use #002 LCD and some only use #004)

    if have* share pls

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    only factory tool does it ...

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    Tired of seeing this china begger is asking for freebies again. Nothing is for free. If you need offer money to buy it* see if there is any sellers who is willing to sell it.

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    anyone have it im ready to pay?

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    thanks* kind guy.

    GFI* we bought already! if u need* we can sell u! we are a team* pls respect others that means u respect yourself!!

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    Hey IF u have u can sell it to many others here who need it. I dont need it I have it long time ago for all models now title=smile If you are a team of expert I mean IF dont come here and beg for free solution always lol.

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