Nokia C2-01 Display and Keypad Light Problem Solution

In fixing LCD screen display light problem**** you may need to check or replace the LCD screen panel first**** before going into any hardware components troubleshooting. The solution below provides the details of the components that holds for the keypad and display backlight to work. This may help to a wet or water damaged Nokia C2-01 phones**** that result to light malfunction problem.

Nokia C2-01 Keypad light and Display light problem solution

Just follow these simple hints on how to troubleshoot the LED light failure on a Nokia C2-01.

Nokia C2-01 Display Light (LCD LED) Problem repair:
1. Check/try to replace the LCD screen module.
2. Check/resolder the LCD pin connector.
3. Trace the LED+ supply voltage line paths.
4. Check the VBAT 3.7V across the coil.
5.Check/replace the coils**** diode and capacitors.

6. The LED- line paths is directly connected to the solder ball bumps of the PEARL. Reheat/Rework the PEARL IC.

Nokia C2-01 Keypad Light LED problem repair:
1. Check the LED light bulbs using a multimeter.
2. Check/replace the 47 Ohms resistors.
3. Trace the LED+ connection line paths**** apply jumper wire if open or cut-off.
4. Use the Display LED- supply voltage if the keypad LED- is missing