Nokia C2-01 Ear Speaker Not Working Problem Solution

This repair solution covers for Nokia C2-01 not working earpiece speaker problem. This problem may occurs or happens if the device suffered wet or water damaged**** heavily dropped or just happens while using it. An oxidation build ups may also cause the ear speaker failure.

This solution provides the basic steps on how to fix and repair the phone. Just refer to the given solution below and follow some simple steps we prepared.

Nokia C2-01 Earpiece Speaker Problem Solution

Hints on repairing Nokia C2-01 not working ear speaker problem:
1. Check the Receiver speaker terminals if not misaligned and or damaged then test it using a multimeter**** replace if found damaged.
2. Clean the ear speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board.
3. Check/ replace the filter coils and capacitors.
4. Trace the speaker connection paths from the filter coils down to the PCB terminal pads.