Nokia C2-03 LCD Back Light LED Problem repair Solution

Here' how to troubleshoot the Nokia C2-03 backlight LED problem:
For quick fix**** on minor problem like if the phone status shows no indication of being wet by any liquid**** free of oxidation build up or the PCB board is still clean.
- Check the Flex ribbon cable wire.. replace if damaged.
- Check/ try to replace the LCD screen**** the white LED's on it may already been busted.

This figure shows the connection line paths of the backlight LED's on Nokia C2-03 UI flex cable. There are two white LED's also mounted on both sides of the top part of the flex. This two LED's were also connected to the inner backlight LED's of the LCD screen.
Take note: the LCD's backlight is also connected in parallel circuit like the two LED's on the flex - meaning if that two LED's was still able to light up but not on the LCD**** it means that the LCD's backlight LED is already busted. So check that out...

he Nokia C2-03 backlight driver components.
In this figure shows the detailed components or parts that is called "LED driver circuit".
This will cause the display backlight loss if one of these components being damaged and or each of its connection line paths breakdowns. This circuit may only damaged if the device suffered wet or water damaged that resulted into oxidation build ups and then caused a short or open circuit.