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Thread: Nokia C2-03 Volume Up and Volume Down Button Switch Connection Tracks /Jumper Ways

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    Thumbs up Nokia C2-03 Volume Up and Volume Down Button Switch Connection Tracks /Jumper Ways

    Nokia C2-03 Volume Up and Volume Down Button Switch Connection Tracks /Jumper Ways

    Here's the connection line paths for Nokia C2-03 that may useful in troubleshooting a not working Volume control both UP (+) and DOWN (-) button switches. This shows the connection line paths (jumper ways) specially when trying to fix the button switch if severely damaged or the PCB solder pads has been already lifted. You may use a multimeter to trace each of the volume button keys terminals connection across to a components where it is being connected. This solution may also work with Nokia C2-06 and C2-08 dual SIM card slider phones.

    Nokia C2-03 Volume Up and Volume Down Button Connection

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    Thank you to solve this problem

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