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Thread: Nokia C2-03 White Screen**** No LCD Display Problem Solution

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    Nokia C2-03 White Screen**** No LCD Display Problem Solution

    Nokia C2-03 White Screen**** No LCD Display Problem Solution

    This solution covers to fix Display problem for Nokia C2-03**** C2-06 and C2-08 Dual SIM card slider phone. These are just simple hints on how to troubleshoot display problems such as white screen**** empty or black screen. I'm referring display problem that you may still hear an audio from the device like welcome tone**** alert tones or ringtones.**** and this solution covers for hardware troubleshooting only.

    Some white screen are cause by a firmware failure. So**** if you may try to figure it out either you will do a software or hardware calibration do things as follows.
    Power up the device**** observe if you can still hear any welcome tone. Try to send message or call the phone and see if the alert or ringtones is still in there. If you do can still hears it**** then the problem is on hardware failure**** If there is no response at all and just stock in white screen then the problem lies on firmware.

    How to fix Nokia C2-03 White screen and other display problems such as blue screen**** blank or empty screens.
    If you try to fix firmware problem**** simply flash the phone to it's original firmware version. The firmware version for Nokia C2-03 is RM-702.

    If you do have hardware problem**** follow the simple hints below.
    1) Check the flex and LCD pin to pin connections**** ensure that it is properly in good contact. A weak or loosen contacts will cause the display problem.
    2) Check the LCD screen for possible damaged or cracked. If you ain't sure better have a extra LCD at hand just for a quick test.
    3) Check the flex ribbon cable for possible damaged. Since Nokia C2-03 is a slider phone**** the possibility of display problem is cause by flex failure.

    4) If both the flex and LCD were already confirmed working and okay. You may then proceed in troubleshooting certain components on the Nokia C2-03 PCB board.
    5) See the solution below**** check the highlighted components surrounding**** clean it if there is an oxidation spotted.

    View larger image here.
    6) Check each of the display filter components**** do rework**** resolder or replace it.
    This solution may also works on Nokia C2-06 and Nokia C2-08 dual SIM card phones**** because both are the same as of Nokia C2-03 PCB board

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    Re: Nokia C2-03 White Screen**** No LCD Display Problem Solution

    good idea boss...thanks

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