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    Hello guys*

    Im a new Cyclone user* I want to flash 5130!!

    How to this job??

    I have wachted that video from site* but ... not helped!

    Can anybody explain me step by step??


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    N95 Flashing Video Doesnt works!!

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    Bro* What do u do actually with N95flashtxt. notepad??

    What must be on add Image?

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    Mate flashing is easy ...

    If using FBUS cable Connect Cable IF phone is working Read info (adaptor must be used and if cable is OK Phone Should Goto Local Mode).

    Now goto BB5 tab and Add Flash images u need MCU PPM CNT as ur Need..

    Press Flash..


    all is same but on settings tab change INterface to USB

    and Load flash Images First then Connect Phone and Press Flash when asked Press power button a little and u r ready to GO

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    video is working good mate

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    video is working good mate
    yeah bro* sorry.. that was something wrong on my pc!


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