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    i have unlock code after BF* but when i try enter unlock code i receive error:

    BB5 Unlock Started...

    [Nokia C3-00 USB Phonet]: Port opened OK!

    MCU Version V 07.25

    MCU Date 26-11-10

    Product RM-614 (Nokia C3-00)

    Manufacturer (c) Nokia

    IMEI 351984040806457

    Mastercode 2263105520

    Warning: Failed to read SP Info* Assuming defaults

    Simlock Server SIMLOCK SERVER

    Simlock Key 2163000000000000

    Simlock Profile 8000000000000000

    Simlock Key Cnt 0

    Simlock FBUS Cnt 0

    Connecting to Cyclone Server...

    Cyclone Server (* Cyclone Box Team 2008-2011 - Ready.

    Checking job status...

    Code Ready* Code: #pw+889786087338038+7#

    Sending code via FBUS...

    [Nokia C3-00 USB Phonet]: Port opened OK!

    NCK[7] - Unknown Error (0x01)

    BB5 Unlock Failed -> Received NCK code wasnt accepted by phone! Please contact Support for Assistance or try entering via Keypad!

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    enter it via keypad



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    how many credits for unlocking c3-00 via server still 60 credits ? best regards

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    if i try to enter via keypad say NOT ALLOWED

    NCK counter is blocked. User try stupid code and .... block counter.

    Exist any posibility to reset it???

    if i try with cyclon i receive

    Read Security Block Problem -> Failed to read PM 308* this is critical

    Failed to Reset BB5 NCK Counter -> Access violation at address 006133F6 in module Cyclone.exe. Read of address 00000010

    Reading Security Block...

    Security block OK and saved to RM-614_351984040806457_11162011_122712 PM.SecurityBlock.PM

    Failed to Reset BB5 NCK Counter -> Failed to save-back PM* this is critical* maybe try to authorize SX4 ?

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    upload 120 pm address here

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    i wait and wait* someone can solv my problem???

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