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    MCU Nokia Version: 1.132* and up to date.

    SMCU Nokia Version: 1.44* and up to date.

    Initializing flasher...


    Download files list initiated

    Waiting for USB device...

    Flash operation failed


    TBB5USBFlashThread finished at: 2011/09/05 11:17:17

    Terminated with error: Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing [00010123]

    MCU Boot Version: 1.069* and up to date.

    SMCU Boot Version: 1.34* and up to date.

    Device opened at USB->Universal Box [UBR5TMDG]

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    I think It has hardware fault.

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    i have this problem with nokia 7020 phone is ok working not dead but no flashing???

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    same like that i tried before with 5800 only vibrate in the result is that..but when i try to 6120c put simcard not ok...its work...hardware problem bro

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    which handset you are trying to flash?

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