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    I have tried downloading app world from my handheld and my laptop from Both times it runs me through language selection and the whole 9 yards. It finally gets to where I can download it and after I click download* it thinks for a second and the progress bar comes up and then I get a download failed window almost as soon as the progress bar popped up and when I click on details it displays a 909 Application Authentication Failure. When I try to download it on my computer the same thing happens except instead of download failed window* a list of files pops up in a window and it asks me if I want to continue. I click yes* and then it just says error. I have tried a soft boot* hard boot. I have tried reinstalling os 6 and nothing seems to work. Please help! I just bought this phone.

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    Have you done to re-install the app world ?

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    / Have you done to re-install the app world ?
    I have tried to reinstall. That is where Im getting the 909 app authentication error.

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