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    Thumbs up must have apps for bold 9930/9900 - BlackBerry Apps

    What are the top 10 must have apps for the bold 9900?

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    Thumbs up must have apps for bold 9930/9900


    #1 for me is quicklaunch* cant live without QL title=Smile

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    Thumbs up must have apps for bold 9930/9900


    Now here is my working list and im very happy with them... let me sort these like ;

    Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer by S4BB Limited
    Network Traffic Control by S4BB Limited : Counts wifi and Bis(radio) seperately and truely.
    Data Backup by S4BB Limited : Alternate backup for contacts and calendar. Works good.
    Fancy Widgets by FancyApps Limited : Best application with homescreen calendar list and weather application on wallpaper.
    SixTools by ShaoSoft : for battery icon on homescreen and much more...
    Mobile Assistant by MMMOOO : one of my favorite app. It neatly counts your call times in/out and SMS in/out. If youre in a montly plan with service provider like me* take it.
    Auto Lock - Automatic Screen and Keyboard Lock by Bulbera +++
    TuneIn Radio : Best radio application.
    BeBuzz - LED Lights And More by Bell​shar​e : Name says it all title=Smile

    Hope youll like them...



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    Thumbs up must have apps for bold 9930/9900


    I got my 9930 the day it launched and sadly some Apps have not been updated for OS 7 yet but these Apps have found a home on my 9930. I download Apps constantly so for an App to last on my devices more then a day they have to be pretty solid and expand the device functionality.

    1. BerryWeather free - It does what I want and is quick to use.

    2. Bing - It works nicely (extra CPU?).

    3. Google Maps - Still my favorite for directions / search

    4. Poynt - information / search

    5. FreeTips

    6. Pandora

    7. OpenTable


    Webex - need it for work

    Comcast Xfinity - Dying for this as its the lone app I use on iOS I wish was on Blackberry

    A news App - CNBC Pro* USA Today* etc. Can someone show Blackberry love for getting news. Bing has a news section but its a couple click away.

    ESPN - comeon! the web launcher is from like 2006. Make a Blackberry APP!

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    Thumbs up must have apps for bold 9930/9900


    shazam for the win!

    also love google maps



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    Thumbs up must have apps for bold 9930/9900


    1. SixTools - turns my volume keys to app launchers

    2. QuickLaunch - Memory booster* screen capture* device info* speed dial* etc* etc

    3. BerryWeather paid - place weather info on your home screen

    4. Dictionary.com - NOT available for Bold 99xx BUT if you can find .cod file for this program from Bold 9700 * you can load it to your phone. Someone here posted a link for it.

    5. Banking apps - specific app for your bank

    6.Google Sync - sync my calender

    7. Flashlight by e-office - free app and donrt use the photo flash one use the camera flash light

    8. Telicost - a free very light app that counts your phone usage; min* data* etc. Key here is that it is FREE and LIGHT on your phone.

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