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Thread: NsPro card not found or corrupted (ERROR 0x01) - NSPRO Solution required

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    NSPRO 6.05 Card Detect fail


    Disconnect nspro from your pc

    download and run this file:

    It will open the device manager.

    Go to View and select Show hidden devices

    Then go to USB Devices and uninstall all NsPro Box and NsPro Converter devices installed there. Also remove all NsPro Port devices from Com port section.

    Then reconnect nspro to PC and reinstall nspro drivers.

    This should solve the problem.

    not work

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    just for feedback

    for me didnīt result

    Windows 7 64 bits

    thanks for help

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    Hi everybody*

    I happened to me also yesterday. I have tried everything*read every post but no luck. uninstall* reinstall * nothing has changed.Finally I have decided to do something else:

    1/ I have opened the nspro box(you will loose your warranty );

    2/ I have taken the smart card out and reinsert it again;

    3/Now close the box and plug the nspro box into the usb port of the computer

    4/Optional :Reinstall drivers (or uninstall nspro converter* scan for hardware change and point the nspro driver folder.

    Voila! My box and smartcard is now connected and fully recognised and usable. I have finally unlock the samsung impact I had to unlock!

    PS: My operating system is windows XP pro. It works!

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