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    Can anybody help me out here?

    I really need to unlock my Huawei Ideos X3* the U8510. At the carreir* its almost the phones value. Thats crazy.

    Here in Portugal* the carrier that sell the Huawei Ideos x3 is Vodafone and my carrier is TMN.

    My IMEI is: 357 191 040 206 431

    I would be greatful is someone could give me a hand.

    All the best!

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    This phone is supported a long time ago by dc-unlocker.

    If the counter is blocked is no problem because the software makes direct unlock.

    No one will give You the code for free.


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    please help unlock huawei ideos u8150 imei 355093043205364

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    driss maatouk
    And how to unlock huawei U8510-1 (ideos x3) with dc unlocker.

    Because i cant find. title=frown

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    driss maatouk

    And how to unlock huawei U8510-1 (ideos x3) with dc unlocker.

    Because i cant find. title=frown
    yep it can be done with dc unlocker and it take 10 credit..


    huawei u8150 IDEOS step by step detect and unlock guide

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    Thanks k-mobile!

    I know is supported the u8150. But this phone u8510 not 8150. Dc unlocker stop with errortitle=frown

    Phone connected on detect mode .But dc-unlocker cant read* after few minutes stopped wiht error time out

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