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    I press the Berry button and it dismisses the pop up and page remains instead of closing it when clicking on ok.

    9700* .461

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    This is a known bug on OS 6. There isnt a whole lot you can do about it.

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    ignore means just that ignore.

    If they were on that such list* you would not see their post. :/

    Move along ML* move swiftly.....

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    otutu kelvo

    Now THATS hilarious!!!

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    Ive had OS6.....461 for about 3 weeks. Really like the new BB Browser.

    Ive seen the to large to load when trying to open 1 specific web site. I am online quite a bit and that web site takes longer to load on my PC than any web site I visit. Try for yourself: - The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers Athletics .

    Therefore........I am not surprised that the BB Browser indicates to large to load in some instances. This page is to large to load with my newest PC title=Smile loads but its slower than any website Ive found.

    I also had problems accessing the specific pages I was attempting to access with the latest OPERAmini.

    I found that Bolt worked best here.

    I have found that in a few specific web sites........that one browser had advantages over the other. 98% of the time I use the new native browser and really like it. But if I have an issue...........I just open Opera or Bolt.

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    / I press the Berry button and it dismisses the pop up and page remains instead of closing it when clicking on ok.
    I havent gotten the page too large to load thing for a while* but when I do Im definitely going to try this. Thank you for the tip!

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    The OS6 browser is better in 499 than 461 and hybrids can improve on that further. I havent seen that error message much at all recently.

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