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Thread: BlackBerry Bold solution required - 9700 Trackpad Jumping Around

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    Iíve been running OS for Bold 9700 for 2 months* and suddenly today my trackpad acting funny. Nothing happened before* I didnít : drop* put water* oil* add 3rd party application etc. suddenly the trackpad acting like itself. Go to different menu* made calls* etc etcÖhappened when I barely put my finger on the trackpad or return button.Already did battery pull* downgrade to OS 5* pull the sim card* SD card.m nothing happened. Iím very frustrated since reading the thread* happened to some ppl that experienced same thing* even when they changed the trackpad* sometimes itís still not working. Help!

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    Im having the same problem!!

    Even a slight touch on the trackpad registers a click! its so annoying..

    will a new trackpad fix the problem ?

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    Warranty exchange* if its not within the warranty period (warranty expiry)* then a repair shop will have to replace it.

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    i have a warranty but the problem is...i bought in my hometown*and now i worked in another city. when i calculated the money that i have to pay for expedition* in d end* its almost the same with buy the new trackpad here. so i just bought the trackpad...solve the problem

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