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    I just reinstalled the OS due to some problems with previous installations* now its stuck on boot screen* and the loading bar wont move. What do I do?

    Battery pull?

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    you will probably need to wipe and reinstall the os and did you load your backup file because you might have a corrupted backup file

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    Didnt do anything* but after leaving it 20 minutes* it loaded. Thanks.

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    Yah the same thing happend to me. It got to 99% every time and than froze. I did a few batt pulls* than tried to reboot it and left the room for a while. Came back in and it was on.

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    same thing here* it just took 30 minutes after the os update

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    I had the same issue a few times. What u need to do is take put the battery when its stuck and then start the berry again...

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    how long is too long to wait? i mean for some reason mine loads only till the 3/4 and it s stuck.... i waited for at least 20-30min before i hard reset again. Im very impatient lol... im gonna sleep on it see if it loads* but umm if it doesnt what do i do?

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