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    After years of service I was finally completely irritated with the pricing for ATT. So I ditched my ATT service and got Straight Talk. So far I have been happy with the service. Although* not so satisfied with my new E71. I unlocked my bold last year because I am required to travel abroad for work. In any case. My Straight Talk sim works fine in my bold to TXT and CALL but data seems to be another issue. I was wondering if there was a way to get the DATA to work on my Blackberry?

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    Not without an active BlackBerry data plan title=Frown

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    I am not expert but have been reading up some. Is it possible through WAP?

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    / I am not expert but have been reading up some. Is it possible through WAP?
    Still requires a data plan* I couldnt even do it via wap without it.

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    Sorry I forgot to mentions this but the service has unlimited DATA service.

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    Does it have BlackBerry data though? That is the important part. The service books are sent to the phone* which allow the phone to be used to its fullest. Without those* you are stuck where you are right now* with a phone that half works.

    Just browsed the Straight Talk website* and there is no mention of any BlackBerry device or data plan available. I cannot find anything on Google about it* so my guess is that it simply will not work.

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    StraightTalk does not have BB support. I believe the only prepaid company that does in the US is T-Mobile.

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