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    dream phone
    Nokia e71 tracks from power on switch

    where to find?

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    Nokia e71 tracks from power on switch

    where to find?
    here is the way of on/off for E71........

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    tnx... i will try later title=wink

    have a nice day

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    otutu kelvo
    But what to do with the indicated component???? I hace the problem that my E71 powers on/off ramdonly* the power switch is broken and there is an solution picture in all sites wich indicates to place two jumpers in the components indicated* but what is the result??? this bypass the power switch and the power button becomes useless????

    Thank you very much!!!

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    driss maatouk
    thanks friend*******************

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    So where is the picture above located on the phone?

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    This picture is a zoom of the E71 upper rigth corner in front view

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