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    sir i have 5233 which only virbrates

    Backup Certificates now...

    Dead Mode is Selected

    Waiting for USB device...

    --- Insert cable and charger or press phones power button! ---

    Connection opened successfully

    Waiting for communication response...

    [BB5 FLASH]: Bootrom Ok!

    ASIC ID: 000000010000022600010006400C192101051105

    CPU ID : RAPIDOv11 * Features : Dead-Test* USBRPL* WR/ER-USB

    EM0 ID: 00000296

    EM1 ID: 00000B22

    PUBLIC ID: 1E9000022FA40052D3E99B36212DE38CB48958E5

    ASIC MODE ID: 00


    ROM ID: 4B9B75103E691FF8

    Use URAPIDOv11_2nd.fg * Rev : 2.0 Ver : 11.48.0

    Processing RAWLOADER...

    FLIC : 004000EC

    Req : XSR 1.6

    Use URAPIDOv11_XSR17_alg.fg * Rev : 2.0 Ver : 11.48.0

    Processing PASUBTOC ...

    Processing ALG ...

    Boot Done! title=smile

    TIME : Boot time : 00:00:00

    CFL: Wait for Loader take control ...

    CFL: Check mode

    Phone ready* boot Ok

    TransReq set Ok

    PAPUBkeys : 7DC72D3FDC552426A4479BC820097D304CFB6C15

    CFL : RAPIDO Mode - FLASH CRT (NPC/CCC/HWC...) cant be readed

    CFL: Close_Session

    Content: 000300000000000000000000000000

    CFL: Reboot

    Full flashing done with best and MX key

    it goes to local mode when i try to do quickfix downgrade option in mx key


    in hwk it says

    1ST BOOT : C0*07 [Rm-625] []

    CMT ASICID: 000000010000022600010006400C192101051105

    EM 1 ID : 00000296

    EM 2 ID : 00000B22

    CMT PUBID : 1E9000022FA40052D3E99B36212DE38CB48958E5

    CMT MODE : 00


    CMT ROMID : 4B9B75103E691FF8

    CMT 1ST Boot OK

    Cannot Find KEYS CERT


    ERR: CMT 2ND Boot File not Found

    Rebooting Mobile

    This is hwk s log

    flashed with RM-625_51.9.002_prd.core.C00


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    try with eno firmware 1st then flash with latest firmware

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    Downlode Flash file Using Product COAD IN MXKEY Then Full Flash use safe flash

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