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    Here is the proper way to flash this phone.

    Use MultiDownloader from attachment. Select BRCM2133 from radio buttons. Connect phone in Download Mode (press volume up + camera + power on) with usb cable and install drivers if need. Press Port Search.

    Check Boot Change and Full Download. Press Boot button and select folder with boot files from uncompressed firmware. Select amss* rsrc1* rsrc2 and factory fota. !!! For rsrc2 use ....(Low)... file* otherwise phone may not power on. Press Download and wait. After procedure is finished phone will boot and be ready for use.

    If anyone want* can make pre-configuration. For this follow these steps:

    1. Inset *#6984125*# from keyboard.

    2. Select Pre-configuration from menu

    3. For Operator code insert *#73561*# (click on field to get keyboard)* press Done * press Confirm

    4. Select what You want and press Install. Phone will restart.
    title=embarrasmenttitle=embarrasmenttitle=embarrasment !!! WARNING !!! With pre-configuration You will lost all data from phone* make a backup on important data first ! title=embarrasmenttitle=embarrasmenttitle=embarrasment

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    Forgot driver. Here is it.

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    code for operator is universal for all operators ??

    this will unlock my phone ? (flashing new fw)

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    Where to download flash files for this unit? tia


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    Where to download flash files for this unit? tia


    S5230XXIDF_open.rar (95 MB)

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    please brother hellp

    S5230 error title=confusedtitle=confusedtitle=confused

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    switch on the phone first* note dont put the sim in.

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