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    Hello guys*

    I want to change the language of Star II (GT-S5260) with Multiloader V 5.65!

    I am using this files:






    All files runs good except the CSC file!!

    I have tried it with many flash files* But still I get error when CSC wil be writed to the phone!!

    Is there any way to flash this model?


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    you need change boot at first

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    first of all check whether its s5260 or guide is here.. 1. Run Samsung S5260 Star II Downloader.

    2. Check BRCM2133 option.

    3. In case you want to flash Boot files to your phone check Full Download option.

    4. Click Boot button and show the program the Boot files folder.

    5. Click Apps button and select this file: apps_compressed.bin

    6. Click Rsrc1 button and select this file: Rsrc_S5260_Open_Europe_Common.rc1

    7. Click Rsrc2 button and select this file: Rsrc2_S5260(Low).rc2

    8. Click Factory FS button and select this file: FactoryFs_S5260_Open_Europe_Common.ffs

    9. Click CSC button and select this file: CSC_S5260_Open_Europe_Common_*.csc

    10. Click SHP APP button and select this file:

    11. Put the phone into download mode: Press Hold key + Volume up key + Send key

    12. Connect USB cable to phone and click Port Search button.

    13. When the program detect the Com number that the phone takes click Download button to start the process.

    14. Do not touch the phone or cable till all is done and the phone restart.

    15. After reboot the phone you can do full reset by this Code: *2767*3855#.

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    Boot changed:

    Download Start Ch[0]

    Bcmboot 123.8KB OK[0.3s]

    Boot2 580.8KB OK[1.3s]

    Patch_dsp 49.4KB OK[0.2s]

    Sysparm_dep 6.2KB OK[0.2s]

    Sysparm_ind 80.3KB OK[0.3s]

    All files complete[3.2s]

    I have now only SMASUNG logo! I cant go to download mode* I have still Samsung logo!

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    Pls guys can you help me? I have network lock on my phone (s5260) can you calculate for imei code some unlock code
    Imei: 356044/04/664838/0
    this is a serbian vip network

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