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Thread: IMEI Change on Samsung Android phone - Samsung flash file problem

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    So I got a samsung sidekick 4G from craisglist on which the IMEI has been blocked by T-Mobile USA title=frown

    It has become obvious to me that we should be able to change the IMEI* not permanently* but in the android OS. I say this because of the efs folder which * if deleted will result in an all zero IMEI showing. This folder also has the files that contain network unlock codes in it.

    So I believe we should be able to change the IMEI in these files somehow* then prevent android from overwriting it* or maybe write a small program to change it to what we want on startup.

    Another reason I know this must be possible is because the makers of CyanogenMod considered adding IMEI spoofing to their ROMs* but ultimately decided against it.

    So heres how I think it will work:

    1) Decrypt files in efs folder

    2) Change IMEI

    3) Calculate new md5 checksums

    4) replace md5 files with new checksums

    5) Make the .bak files also reflect the new IMEI

    6) Re-encrypt the folder

    This process would be far eaier if we could just hex edit the files instead of decrypting them. In fact* I dont know for sure its even encrypted* but the name efs would imply encrypted file storage

    I have googled for over an hour tonight and can only find info on backing up and restoring these files. I cant find information anywhere on editing these files!

    So what I ask of you is if you know of any links related to the folder/file structure* encryption* or location of IMEI numbers in these files* please post it! Even an obscure piece of information could hold the answer!

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    So I pulled the nv_data.bin and related checksum files from my i9020 and put them on the sidekick. This resulted in the IMEI showing a question mark under settings > About phone* but it did register on the network. it would not call. It acted like it would* but then just said call ended without ringing. I also received a text message on the phone despite the fact that it was sent to MY number (not the SIM in the sidekick at the time)

    I was going to try again with the same files from an HTC HD2 with android* but it turns out it doesnt have the nv_data.bin files in it title=frown

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    Ok* so I acquired nv_data.bin and the related md5 checksum file from a european webhost that was backed up off of a Nexus S and copied them to /efs/root/afs/settings on the sidekick and now I can call/text! Can also wifi call. Rebooting does not undo the change.

    The IMEI under settings > About phone still shows a question mark and edge/3G data does not work. MMS also does not work. Im wondering if this is some kind of authorization issue with T-Mo. Any input would be appreciated

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