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    Recently purchased a bb bold 9000 from a power seller on ebay but phone came with radio core catfailed error. Hes response was that first time someone complains about it and instructed me to switch between 3G to 2G. After several tries* managed to do it but still afraid problem will occur again.

    Does anyone know a way to fix it or whether an official firmware upadate will do the work?

    Seller accepted to replace the device with a new one but as he unlocks every phone he sells* im wondering whether the new phone will be ok or have the same problem.

    Any suggestions/help/ideas will be really appreciated.


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    Have you tried Googling radio core catfailed? There are quite a few articles about it. It looks like keeping the phone on 2G is the most reliable way of avoiding the error. Some people seem to think a firmware update can help. Try the latest official update from your telco. If there isnt one* avoid companies that dont let you switch between 2G and 3G (e.g. AT&T in the past)

    Sorry I cant be any more help* but 5 minutes on Google should give you quite a few suggestions.

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    Thanks for answering man.

    The problem is that i did more than 5 minutes in google searching for a clear answer regarding this problem and as you stated* the only solution available seems to be switching between 3G to 2G. I couldnt find a clear answer whether upgrading to a new firmware would vanish the problem* and as Im new in BB world* i dont know much about all these stuff. I just want to fix my phone and start using it and start using the bb messenger without any errors.

    Main dilemma is whether is best to send the phone back to U.S and get a new (probably with same problem after debranding) one or stay on 2G with this one with the fear of getting the error again* after warrantys expiring.

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    my phone is nor starting shows radio core catfailed error someone nows how to fix it?

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