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    Tried battety pull* charing etc. I had about 50% battery when the phone decided to do this* no water damage etc.

    After I take battery out for 1 minute and put it in* red light comes on and stays SOLID for 10 seconds or so* then just starts FLASHING for about 5. Then it stops and there is NO light* and then the FLASHING starts again for those 5 seconds. It keeps doing this flashing red* and then stopping. PHONE WONT TURN ON.

    When I plug charger in to the phone - NO LIGHT?!

    Can anyone explain this madness?

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    You know when you plug something into the USB slot and it makes a noise? Well that happens* but my BB doesnt show up on My Computer and just still continues flashing with that red light....

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    Did you try following the steps in that thread?

    And please be patient for answers. Bumping up your thread after only waiting a short time is against the forum guidelines. And its rude.

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    The phone doesnt connect to the computer so how can I follow those steps. Is connection/detection from BB to computer required?

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    driss maatouk

    Have you tried the loader /nojvm option?

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