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    the phone 5233 was working on v51.1.002......

    i accidently update it to 059F6X6: 5236 RM-625 PRC Country Variant CN Black Metal v4 (v51.9.002)... this file is found in navifirm.....in rm-625 folder....

    now...the phone is vibrate when switch on.....

    if i flash the phone to v51.1.002....the rpl and simlock will be corrupt or not?

    i only have rpl backup ......

    or any other solution?

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    Flash lower version will not make SIMLOCK* RPL damaged.

    As well wont to be helped. Try this:

    1. Backup RPL of this Phone via FBUS cable

    2. Write RPL BB5 Phone RPL to this phone in order to DAMAGE NPC - chk if phone gets local mode ? If it does* read out the Full PM or PM120 only.

    3. If you can get PM backup* then we can downgarde this phone and make work ;-)


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    thank u for ur fast support.....

    i recovered that phone....thank u..


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