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    Most of you may already know how to do this* but for the sake of others

    who dont know I will demonstrate how to put Arabic and other Languages

    into the N9-00 RM-696...

    First of all* you SHOULD not cross flash a 16GB Phone Along with a 64GB flash file!

    Although cross flashing will not kill the phone* you will soon find out that

    sometimes not all functions will work (like camera etc...)

    So if you have a 16GB Phone* download Product Code: 059L6B8

    And if you have a 64GB Phone* download Product Code: 059L6B5

    After Downloading the Flash Files (about 2GB+++ Size if including EMMC)

    Flash the phone Along with ATF Software just like any BB5 Phone...


    Here is the Phone After getting Flashed...

    Has Chinese and other Languages as well...

    And the Menus Are really in Arabic...

    (Or whatever Language you Choose)

    You can skip Downloading the Content Package (about 1.7GB)... But It

    would be better if you downloaded it as well.



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    can you kindly give us how to know if n9 is 16gb or 64 gb Along withou flashing???

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    You got to fiqure it out or just guessing title=big

    anyway you can take the product code and put it on Nokia Data Package Downloader* then you can see the flash file if it is 16GB or 64GB. as you can see in the pictures above.

    Hope that will to be helped you.



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