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Thread: E2121B unlock successful - looking for solution of Z3x Box

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    Notice a few people have had probs Along with this one so just in case it to be helpeds anyone* this is how I unlocked this one:

    Used E210 dual cable

    No battery in phone

    Used the Read Info (Codes) option

    Connect cable when Z3X says so

    I dont think I actually pressed the phones on/off button before it connected ok anyway.

    Waited for about 2 to 3 minutes for Z3X to give the network unlock code.

    Aliem sim in* type in code

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    Apr 2012
    Selected model: E2121B

    Selected com port: COM4

    Selected speed port: 921600

    kindly* connect phone and press power button 3 seconds

    Phone Detected

    Use automatic parameters

    Phone in TAT MODE

    Phone SW: E2121BXXJD7

    Phone CSC: E2121BOXFJD5

    Phone BT ADDR: BC47-60-10F5DB

    Phone IMEI: 3598010*******

    Deactivated MSL - TRUE

    Unlock - ok

    Elapsed time: 134 second* sw ver: 3.5.0032

    J750 cable.

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