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Thread: Pls Help Me To Repair IMEI On Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 - Z3x Box issue solution ?

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    Pls Help Me To Repair IMEI On Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830

    Pls Explain On Step To Step Procedure

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    1-Enter code *#7284# - choise phone usb.

    2-restart phone

    3-Select Diagnostic port in port settings

    4-Press repair button.


    Reading Phone Info... OK

    Model: GT-S5830

    Country Code: INU

    Cal Date: 2011-09-14

    Factory SW: S5830DDKQ6_ODDKQ5

    Unique Number: 21190000210741

    Memory Phone: KAT007012B(S5830)

    Phone S/N: RDJBA99630

    Build: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-6140

    IMEI: 3587940********

    PDA/CSC Version: S5830DDKQ6/S5830ODDKQ5

    Phone version: S5830DDKQ6

    Phone HW: MP 0.600

    Cal Date: 2011.10.06

    Bypass First MSL... OK

    Bypass Second MSL... OK

    Repairing IMEI... OK

    New IMEI: 3526610********

    Done Along with Samsung Tool ver 12.2

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