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Thread: Sucessfully Flash Samaung E1232B With Z3X - Z3x Box ?

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    Thumbs up Sucessfully Flash Samaung E1232B With Z3X - Z3x Box ?

    here is the logs

    Selected model: E1232

    Selected com port: COM13

    Selected speed port: 921600

    kindly* connect phone and press power button 3 seconds

    Phone Detected

    Sending loader1... OK

    Flash ID: 08

    Sending loader2... OK

    Start TFS format... OK

    Start NOR flash

    NOR flash - ok

    Start Flash TFS

    TFS flash - ok

    Start Flash CSC

    CSC format - ok

    CSC flash - ok

    Download - ok

    Elapsed time: 548 second* sw ver: 3.5.0034

    But i download the file from HWK support site E1232BXEKK4

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    Thumbs up Sucessfully Flash Samaung E1232B With Z3X - Z3x Box ?

    Yeah still waiting for team uploading a firmware at support area.


    Vijendra Saini.

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