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    Samsung GALAXY ACE S5830 flashing done!

    Count supported models - 305

    File analysis... OK

    Searching USB Flash Interface... detected COM10

    Setup connection... OK

    Sending mibib... OK

    Sending qcsbl... OK

    Sending oemsbl... OK

    Sending amss... OK

    Sending arm11boot... OK

    Sending boot... OK

    Sending recovery... OK

    Sending system... OK

    Sending csc... OK

    Flashing Done (time - 00:01:44)

    Done Along with Samsung Tool ver 12.4

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    which files u download from shell ? why i cant flash Along with samsung tools 12.4

    i use this firmware - S5830DXKT5_S5830OLBKT3_S5830DXKT4_HOME.tar.md5

    and i get this error msg....

    Count supported models - 305

    OPS file not exist

    Done Along with Samsung Tool ver 12.4

    OPS file not exist

    Done Along with Samsung Tool ver 12.4

    Pls guide me...

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    Read this post and your problem should be solved;

    How To Update Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Firmware

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